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Dental Plan & Dental Insurance Quotes

For most of you, a good dental plan with a large national network and deep discounts will be the best choice. They are inexpensive and have no limits and no waiting periods. You can use them right away.

However, if the dentist rattled off a list of problems that brought tears to your eyes, you might need an alternative plan.

Our dental HMO plan is a regular insurance product with no limits and no preexisting clause. You can use one of the many dentists in the network and get all of your expensive work done at a relatively low cost.

The plan costs more than our dental plan, but if you need it, it can save you a lot of money.

We have all the details below where you can compare the plans and get an immediate quote.

Discount Dental Plan

There is a $20 setup fee paid once in the first year.

  • One Member is $99 a year
  • Two Members are $149 a year
  • Three or More Members are $179 a year

HMO Dental Insurance

There is a one-time $45 enrollment fee

  • Single is $49.95/month
  • Single + Spouse $62.95/month
  • Single + Children $64.95/month
  • Family $83.95/month

Each type of plan has its own unique features.

Both the Discount and HMO plans have no deductible, copays or limit coverage with a plan maximum.

The Discount plan is exactly what its name implies. You go to a dentist in the network, give them your card and they will discount any covered procedure. You pay the discounted rate.

The HMO plan is a traditional dental insurance plan underwritten by an insurance carrier. It is more expensive.

However, the HMO plan will cover a number of routine dental procedures at no cost to you. More involved procedures will have a fixed rate attached to them. This rate is substantially less than what a dentist would normally charge. Often a third of the non insurance cost.

If you need a lot of expensive work done, this is your best bet.

Discount Dental Plan

  • Low-Cost Premiums
  • Use Immediately
  • No Dollar Limits
  • National Coverage

HMO Dental Plan

  • $0 or Fixed Amounts for All Procedures
  • No Plan Maximums
  • No Copays
  • No Deductibles