Privacy Policy

We do not like the fact that personal and private information about us is collected everywhere we go and stored on servers. However, like most of you, there is little we can do about it if we want to live a semblance of a normal life. However, we have decided that we will not store any information that you send directly to us. If you fill out a contact form, we use the information to contact you or answer a question. After that it is destroyed.

When you use a link to apply online, the information goes directly to the insurance company and they are responsible for the safety of that information. We feel that they are very responsible and do not have any reservations about applying online. After all, what is the choice? If you fill out a form and mail it in they just enter it into the computer anyway.

What information do we collect?

When you apply for a plan online you are taken directly to the insurance company's website. These are secure sites designed to conform with all HIPAA privacy standards. We do not see your private information and we do not store it anywhere.

What do we do with the information you put on our contact form?

The information on your contact form is used for only one purpose - that is to contact you with any information you requested. We do not have mailing list or send you anything that does not pertain to your inquiry.

How do we protect your information?

Once we contact you with the information you requested, we erase your email. Furthermore, you will notice that we only have a few fields on our contact form like email and telephone number.

Do you use cookies?

The only cookies we use our chocolate chip. We do not like to spy on people.

Do we disclose any information to outside parties?

I have never had an outside party ask for information. I cannot see why anyone would be interested in things like how many cavities you had in the last few years. But, if someone wanted this information, they would need a court order.

Third party Links

Many of the links to get information about a particular plan or apply online are links provided to us by the insurance carrier. These are all big companies with lots of lawyers and have privacy policies like this one on their sites. I use them to sign up for my own insurance and they are, in our opinion, perfectly safe to use.

Your Consent

When you use our site, you are agreeing to the terms of our privacy policy.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

If and when we change these terms, they will appear on this page. This information was posted on 06/11/2013.

To Contact Us

To contact us use the contact us link at the top of this page.

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