Do you need a dental plan without waiting periods? A plan that you can use right away?


Dental plans divide their coverage into three tiers; preventative, basic and major. Most dental plans will cover preventative care like x-rays and cleanings as soon as the plan begins. But, depending on the plan, you can wait 6 months to 3 years before the plan's maximum coverage kicks in.

Fortunately, we have plans that will help you cover most procedures without a long waiting period. Call us to find out what is available and let us help you sort out the options.

Options for Dental Plans with No Waiting Periods

Discount Plans

Discount dental plans are very underrated. If you can find a dentist in the network that you like, you can save a lot of money on most common dental procedures. The best part is, there is no waiting period. You can usually use the discount within one day of purchase.

The cost of a discount plan are trivial compared with the savings. For example, a crown, depending on where in the mouth it is located, can cost you $1,100 with no insurance. With the CIGNA discount plan we offer, it is $546. That is a significant savings. Considering that the plan is around $12 a month for a family of 2 or more, and has a large network, it is an excellent choice whether you need coverage immediately or not.

We have two links you can use to find a discount plan.

DP Advisors Dental Plan Selector gives you a choice of many different plans with an excellent chance that you will find a provider in one of the networks. The site will ask you for your zip code and show you available plans in you are area. You can compare the plans to see which one gives you the best deal.

Careington Discount Dental Plan plan discounts are better than most others. However, you will not always find a dentist in your area that you like. However, if you do, this is a very good choice. It is worthwhile looking at the provider list.

Once we move away from discount plans it gets a little more complicated. Each plan has its own rules as far as what it will cover right away. For example, one plan might cover fillings with no wait but put a 6 month wait on crowns. While another might have no wait on fillings or root canals and a 6 month wait on crowns.

This list will show you what each plan covers. If your dentist wants to do a crown or any other major procedure, you can always ask them if it can be put off without causing more problems. But make sure you tell them you are asking because your insurance coverage might have a waiting period before the work is covered. I don't want you to put off necessary work. Sometimes you just have to "bite the bullet" and take care of a dental problem without coverage.

PPO & Indemnity Plans

Homland PPO Plan (use Stand-Alone plan option) with United Concordia Network

This plan has no waiting periods for most procedures. There is a 6 month wait for crowns, dentures, onlays, inlays and bridges. But fillings, extractions and even root canals are covered right away.

CompleteCare PPO Plan with Careington PPO Network

The CompleteCare plan has no waiting periods for anything. But there is a catch.

Preventative (like cleanings and x-rays), fillings and extractions are just a small copay if you stay in network. Everything else is covered on a reduced fee basis.

However, this plan uses the Careington PPO network which is a larger and much better selection of dentists than their discount network. There are a lot of good dentists who will take this plan. Plus, there are no dollar limits to the coverage. It can still save you a bundle of money and allow you to keep your dentist. Worth checking out.

Core Dental with Ameritas PPO Network

This plan has the advantage of having a higher dollar payout than any other individual plan.

You can get coverage of up to $2,500 per year (with a carry-over feature that extends it to $3,500). It will cover preventative, fillings, simple extractions and denture repair with no waiting period. Major procedures have a 6 month wait. If you can wait the six months, no plan offers a higher benefit and it includes a great vision plan for no extra cost.

Dental HMO Plan

NAFMD Dental HMO (Safeguard/MetLife Network) Florida, California and Texas Only

This HMO has no wait for any procedure and no caps on coverage. If you are willing to use one of the HMO dentists, and there are many fine providers in the network, you can get major work covered for far less than other plan.

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