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Does Medicare covers dentists? I am sorry to tell you that it does not. With dental coverage missing from Medicare, you can end up with huge dental bills. We have a number of different plans that can help you pay the dentist.

Poor dental care has been linked to heart disease, diabetes and oral cancer. You cannot afford to neglect your teeth at this stage of your life.

Some dental plans will cut off coverage at 65 while others will reduce benefit. The plans on this page will give you the same coverage regardless of your age.


If you have regular Medicare (Part A & B), there is no dental coverage at all. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan (not a supplement but a PPO or HMO plan), there might be a discount card built into it. This is not dental insurance and if you need work you will be paying for it out of your own pocket.

It has taken years to get the government to provide a prescription plan for Medicare. They are still complaining that it costs the taxpayers too much money. In these difficult economic times, none of us are holding our breath for Medicare dental plan.

You will need to get your own dental coverage and we are here to help you do just that.

Dental Plan Options for Seniors

There are a number of options available to seniors looking for affordable dental coverage.

  1. You can choose a PPO plan. Most dentists will accept this type of plan. Although, it works better if your dentist is part of the PPO network.

  2. You can use an Indemnity plan. With this plan you can use any dentist you want. Plus, many of them include vision coverage.

  3. If you are on a tight budget, a discount plan can still save you hundreds of dollars each year. But you must use one of the plan dentists.

  4. If you live in Florida, Texas or Califoria, there are dental HMO plans. They have unlimited coverage and no waiting periods. But once again, you must use one of the network providers.

Let me suggest that you take a minute or two and read this page or you can click on the link below to see all of the different plans we offer. Or, just give us a call (800-272-0512) and tell us what you are looking for. We will point you in the right direction and find a plan that fits your budget.

You can see all of our plans and get quotes on our Dental Quote Page.

Plan Overviews

We have detailed pages on each type of dental plan. But here is an overview of what is available

PPO Plans for Seniors

With a PPO dental insurance, you can use any U.S. based dentist. However, if the dentist is part of the plan's network, you will be entitled to a discount for all services.

If you ask your dentist what plans they accept, it is more than likely they will tell you that they will take any PPO. However, you can also use an indemnity plan with any dentist as well.

Indemnity Plans for Seniors

An indemnity dental plan works a little different than a PPO.

With a PPO you or your dentist are paid a percentage of what the insurance company permits for the dental work being performed. For example, a PPO might pay 50% of the cost of a crown. Or it might cover 80% of the cost of a filling.

With an indemnity plan, there is a chart that lists all of the various dental procedures and a dollar amount next to them. You or your dentist are paid this flat rate. They don't care about networks or percentages. So, you can go to any dentist you want.

Keep in mind that most of these plans are tied to a discount network. If you do use a dentist in the network, in addition to the amount paid to you, you will also get a discount on your bill. Sometimes a substantial discount.

Discount Dental Plans for Seniors

Discount plans are not true insurance. They are as their name implies, discount cards. However, if you locate a dentist in their network that you are happy with, these plans can be exceptionally cost effective. Plus, there are no waiting periods and no plan limits. Discount plans are very low cost, with some as little as $8 a month.

The way they work is quite simple. You find a discount network dentist and present your card at the visit. You will receive a discounted rate for services on many common procedures.

For example, my dentist charges $85 for a cleaning. With my discount card I pay $50. A root canal that might cost $900 is reduced to $600.

The good part is that we have a lot of these plans which gives you a much greater chance of finding a dentist.

If you would like to take a fast look at your area to see who and what is available, you can use this link. They will ask for your zip code and then present you with a number of different plans.

HMO Dental Plans for Seniors

These plans are only available in Florida, Texas and California

With an HMO sometimes referred to as a DHMO (Dental HMO), you must use a provider in their network. However, the plan does have some advantages.

  1. There are no waiting periods

  2. No coverage limits

  3. Copays for most preventative and basic procedures and a somewhat higher payment for major work

If you need major work that requires a specialist like an endodontist or oral surgeon, make sure you can find one in the network before you sign up.

What Now?

I would suggest giving us a call. There are a lot of plans and at the very least we will be able to narrow down the field a bit based on what you tell us.


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