low cost dental insurance

Not everyone need the most expensive dental plan with the highest coverage limits. Actually, most of you would do just fine with a lower cost plan.

Depending on your prior dental history a lower cost version on one of our plans could make the most sense. Not everyone needs thousands of dollars in coverage each year. You can get real PPO dental insurance plans without spending a lot of money.


Most of our PPO and Indemnity plans have multiple levels of coverage. So, you can still get real dental insurance without spending a lot of money. Or, you can opt for a discount plan which can still save you a lot more than the premium you pay for it.

Low Cost Dental Options

Discount Plans

Discount plans are the least expensive dental coverage alternative. It is possible to get a good plan for about $8 a month.

Don't sell this type of plan short. If you find a provider near you that you are pleased with, the amount you will save each year will exceed the cost of the plan.

To use a discount plan you simply present it to your dentist (one who accepts it) at the time of the visit. Some procedures are not covered so make sure you ask your dentist if the work being performed is covered on your plan.

We have two links you can use to find a plan.

DP Advisors Dental Plan Selector will give you the broadest choice of plans. You simply click on the link and enter your zip code. The site will bring up all the plans near you.

Careington Discount Dental Plan has been around a long time and is very well known. It is very inexpensive and the discounts for services are excellent.

PPO & Indemnity Plans

Since this page is focused on low cost plans, I am not going to list all of the plans we offer here. What I want to do is only show you the plans that have multiple options or plan designs. We want to reinforce the idea that you should think about your past dental bills and your current dental health.

If the dentist is telling you about the crowns and root canals you might need in the not too distant future, you should consider a bit more coverage. This is also true if you are one of those people who get a cavity by just looking at a picture of a candy bar. But, if you are fortunate enough to have great teeth, then one of our preventative plans might do the trick.

If you are going to call your dentist to check to see if they accept the plan, be sure to give them the name of the network. Your dental office might not recognize the name IHC or Core Dental, but they know who Dentamax is or Ameritas. Besides, almost all dental offices will tell you they will accept any PPO plan.

Core Dental with Ameritas PPO Network has four different plan choices. The Silver and Value plans are very affordable and include a great vision plan.

These plans have no deductible and cover up to $1,000 each year. There is a discount network included with the plan.

IHC Dental with Dentemax Network will give you a real PPO plan for a relatively low monthly premium. It probably has one of the best cost to benefit ratios of any of our low-cost plans. The price of the plan will depend on your zip code. But even in the so-called more expensive areas of the country, the plan is very inexpensive. Prices run as low as $9 a month for an actual PPO dental plan. If you have priced dental insurance, you know this is impossible to beat.

The plan uses the Dentemax network which is one of the better networks available. As a matter of fact, on our group plans, we charge extra for access to this network. A vision discount plan is included as well.

Select Dental with Ameritas PPO Network is an indemnity style plan with a network attached to it.The plan has a 6 month wait for major procedures but quite a few things are covered right away. It is offered in quite a few states and if you cannot find a plan available in your state, the Select Dental plan might work well for you.

Most of you will probably spend more money over the next ten years in a dental office than you will in a doctor's office. Dental care has become very expensive. Having some form of dental coverage will soften the blow of those dental estimates that literally take your breath away.

There are also many people who will not go to the dentist because they feel they cannot afford it. At the very least, get regular cleanings and have a dentist look at your teeth. Spending $100 today could save you $5,000 a year or two from now.

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