Individual and Family Dental Insurance

discount dental plansYou can obtain an individual dental plan for for $8 a month. There is no reason not to have some form of dental coverage.

A trip to the dentist is no longer the painful experience of the past. Modern dentistry is relatively pain-free and highly effective. But, the pain that one receives when looking at their bill, has increased dramatically over the years.


Individual Dental Insurance versus Individual Dental Plans

Most people use these terms interchangeably. However, the regulatory agencies do not see it that way. So, for discussion sake, an individual dental insurance plan is an underwritten plan offered by an insurance company and sold only by licensed insurance agents. This is "real" insurance.

An individual dental plan, is a discount dental program or discount card that may or may not be sold by a licensed agent. However, do not underestimate the effectiveness of this type of coverage. They are relatively inexpensive, and if you use one of the plan's providers (which you must do), it can save you a lot of money.

Does it pay to have dental coverage?

The problem with any health or dental insurance product is that people do not think of it like they do other forms of insurance.

I am sure you are not thinking about what a ripoff life insurance is because you have been paying premiums and getting nothing back. Or, how many of you are disappointed that you have been paying for fire insurance and you have not had a single fire?

But, if you paid your health or dental insurance premiums and do not get a chance to use the insurance, you feel cheated. You are not typically telling yourself how lucky you are.

So, let's start with the idea that you buy insurance just in case you might need it some day. But, you need to take into consideration some basic factors before you make your choice. Ideally, you want to buy enough insurance to cover a good portion of your potential expenses, but do not want to over insure.

Let's start with a few basic questions you need to ask yourself.

  1. Have you been told you need to have a lot of dental work done? Crowns, root canals, oral surgery, periodontal problems? If the answer is yes, you need high dollar coverage. Or, as high as possible.

  2. Are you flexible as to what dentist you go to? If you are willing to change, you might find a great new dentist and a more cost effective plan.

  3. Have not had a cavity in 20 years and the dentist always remarks how healthy your gums are? You might just need preventative coverage where you can get a cleaning and a checkup.

  4. If a few of your fellow employees are also interested in dental plans. You might be able to create a voluntary group and get better coverage for less money.

  5. Do you plan on actually going to the dentist or are you one of those people who go when you cannot stand the pain any more? If you don't intend to get cleanings and have regular checkups, I do not know if it really pays to have dental insurance. You are just going to eventually have your teeth yanked out and be complaining about how uncomfortable your dentures are.

Most people will benefit from some type of coverage. It will save you money and make dental care much more affordable. You just need to pick the right type of plan. Remember we are just a phone call away.

Dental Plan Types - An Overview

We cover the different types of plans elsewhere on this site. But, here is a brief review.

  • PPO - These are the plans that most dentists ask for. Generally, they cover preventative 100% and anywhere from 50% to 80% of other work. Depending on the plan, you might have a waiting period before certain types of procedures can be performed.

  • Indemnity - This is the type of plan that pays you or your dentist a fixed amount based on what procedure is being performed. It also has a discount network, that if used, will give you a substantial reduction in fees. These are very flexible plans and have no restrictions on where you have work performed (U.S. only).

  • Discount - A discount plan will give you a discounted fee at a dental provider who accepts the plan. These plans are very inexpensive and can be exceptionally cost effective if you find a dentist you like who is in their network.

  • Dental HMO - If you live in Florida, Texas or California, you can use our HMO plan. There is a fixed copay for most work, no waiting periods and no maximum benefit, meaning you can have as much work done as you wish. Again, you must use a network provider.

Use our dental plan quote page to view all of our plans.

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