Dental Insurance and Dental Plans

Chances are, you are looking for one of the following types of plans:

Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period

These plans will cover most procedures immediately without an extended waiting period. Get fillings, root canals, etc. c overed without waiting 6 to 18 months. Find out more about plans with no wait for coverage.

PPO Dental Plans

Most dentists request a PPO plan and we have many to choose from. They range in price from about $10 a month and up. Unless you need extensive work, a low or mid-priced plan will work for most people. A lot of people buy more coverage than they need. If you need extensive work, we might even suggest a different type of plan. Find a PPO plan at an affordable premium.

Plans Where You Can Use Any Dentist You Want

Not all dentists take insurance. But, with these plans you can use any dentist in the U.S. If you want maximum dental provider flexibility, and you are willing to give up the network discount, you should Look at our Any Dentist in the United States plans.

Dental Plans for Seniors Over 65

Medicare does not provide dental coverage and some plans do not take anyone over 65. But, most of our dental plans have no age limits. Dental plans for Seniors.

Low Cost Dental Plans

If you are on a budget, and who isn't these days, you can get plans for as little as $8.00 a month. These plans often make a lot more sense financially than a more expensive plan, even if you can afford more. Take a moment to read about our affordable dental insurance.

Group Dental Insurance

You can have a group plan with as few as 2 employees. They can be full time, part time or even independent contractors. You will get more benefits for less money than individual plans. No employer contribution is required. Click for more info on small group plans.

Get Our Consumer Guide to Buying Dental Insurance

Get our 5 Minute Guide to Understanding Dental Plans. It will tell you everything you need to know about finding and buying a plan. It is the simple and easy to understand consumer's guide you have been looking for. Or, just give us a call and we will be glad to help you.

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Dental Plans versus Dental Insurance

Most people as well as many insurance agents use the terms “dental insurance” and “dental plan” interchangeably. However, they are not the same and understanding the distinction is important when you are shopping for dental coverage.

Dental Insurance is, for a lack of a better expression, "real insurance".

The agent who sells it must be licensed in your state and there is an insurance carrier underwriting or guarantying the plan and paying the claims.

With dental insurance, you will either pay a percentage of the covered costs or receive reimbursement for part of the covered costs. It all depends on which type of dental insurance plan you purchase. But the important thing to remember is that there are claims being paid to some extent. It is not just a discounted rate.

In other words, the dental office submits an actual claim to an insurance company on your behalf. As a result, either you or the dentist, depending on how the paperwork was filed, gets paid.

With a PPO plan you generally pay a percentage of the costs and the insurance company pays the rest, up to a certain yearly maximum amount.

With an Indemnity plan, the insurance carrier pays a fixed amount that is dependent on the procedures performed. For example, they might pay out $50 towards a cleaning or $300 towards a crown.

In the end, whether you have a PPO or Indemnity plan, the consumer's portion is about the same.

Dental Plans are membership-based programs where a consumer pays a membership fee in exchange for discounts on most routine dental services, such as dental exams, routine cleanings, fillings, extractions, root canals, dentures, crowns, and braces.

In simple terms, this is a discount plan or a discount card.

Since it is not an insurance product at all, it may be sold my just about anyone over 18 with a pulse. There are no licensing requirements and most states have no oversight as to what is covered or not covered.

The only rules that are enforced are that the seller may not refer to the product in any way as “insurance” or imply that this is a dental insurance plan.

Discount plans are considerably less expensive than insurance. Depending upon which plan you choose, an entire family can be covered for less than $15 a month.

It is important to understand that we do not want to disparage dental plans in any way. The cost versus the potential benefits received of these types of plans is excellent.

You can save ten to sixty percent off standard out-of-pocket fees when visiting a participating network provider. There are no pre-existing condition limitations, maximum limits or deductibles to pay. Some of these plans offer free preventive services such as cleanings and exams.

Keep in mind that you are responsible for paying the dentist directly at the time of service when using a dental plan.

The key to using these plans effectively is to find a dentist that accepts the plan that you are comfortable with.

If there is a dentist in your area that you like who accepts one of these plans, you should consider it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You should call us if you have any questions. But, here are some of the more common questions we have received.

Can I go to any dentist I want with a PPO plan?
Can I get a plan just for my children?
Do any of your plans cover orthodontia?
When you say 'discount plan", how much of a discount am I getting?
Does Medicare cover dental?
How much does dental insurance cost?
Are there waiting periods before the plan benefits kick in?
Can I get a group dental plan if I have my own business?
What happens if I cannot find my dentist in your network?
Can we just call you and have you figure this all out?

FAQ Answers

Can I go to any dentist I want with a PPO plan?

Yes, but,it is much better to go to a dentist that is listed as a network provider. Otherwise, they can charge you more than the PPO negotiated or discounted rate and you will have to pay the difference.

When a dentist says "I will take any PPO, they often mean that they will submit the claim to the insurance company for you. They do not always mean that they are a network provider and give you the benefit of the discounted PPO rate. You can get more information about this and quotes on our ppo page.

Can I get a plan just for my children?

We do not offer child-only plans. Starting Jan 1, 2014, the new healthcare bill requires all health insurance plans to have some basic dental for children only. This will be very basic care and will not for example, pay for braces.

Do any of your plans cover orthodontia?

The discount plans will provide a discount for orthodontia. Some of the PPO, HMO and indemnity plans will provide partial coverage. Very few plans allow for adult braces. Small group plans (2+, part time, full time or contractors) will usually cover orthodontia.

When you say 'discount plan", how much of a discount am I getting?

Discount plans, which you can read more about here, use a schedule of benefits that show a list of dental procedures and then an amount that you will pay for that procedure. It is not a flat discount like 50%. Some procedures are more heavily discounted than others. The discounts will vary from plan to plan.

For example, a crown might be $550 or a root canal $600 as compared to $900 to $1,200 for these same procedures without a discount. These plans offer a lot of value for very low cost when you can find a good network provider.

Does Medicare cover dental?

No, Medicare does not provide for routine dental care. You will need to get your own dental plan. We have more information about this on our Dental Plans for Seniors Page.

How much does dental insurance cost?

The cost of a plan will depend on its type and where you live. Age or prior health is not a factor.

You can get very affordable dental coverage for about $7 a month. This would be a discount plan. However, if you are happy with one of the network providers, and there are many to choose from, it can save you many time the cost of the plan.

PPO plans for an individual can run from $10 a month up to about $40 a month. Again, depending on the amount of coverage. Notice I said "amount of coverage". Most of the plans we offer are full coverage dental and vary only by how much they ultimately pay out.

Are there waiting periods before the plan benefits kick in?

Discount plans have no waiting period at all.

Our PPO dental plan has no wait for most procedures. But, there is a 6 month wait for crowns and dentures.

Some indemnity plans also have no wait for a lot of procedures or a short wait for others. It varies from plan to plan. You can always ask us and we will help you find the plan with the least wait possible.

Dental HMO plans often cover all procedures with no waiting period and no coverage limits. You must find a provider in the network and they are only available in a handful of states.

Can I get a group dental plan if I have my own business?

Yes, we can write group dental plans for a group of two or more. The members can be full time, part time or even independent contractors.

The plans can be employer-paid or voluntary, where the employee pays. In most instances you will get more for your money with a group plan.

Take a look at our Group Dental Insurance page for more information.

What happens if I cannot find my dentist in any of your networks?

There are a lot of dentists take no insurance at all (more than you think). We have plans were you can go to any dentist you want, even if they do not accept insurance. You should go to our page that features plans that do not require a dentist's network participation. "Use Any Dentist Plans".

Can we just call you and have you figure this all out?

Of course, that is why we are here. I will be glad to help you out. My direct number is 800-272-0512


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