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Indemnity Dental Plans

Indemnity dental plans allow you to use any dentist you choose. They will pay you or your dentist, scheduled amounts based on what procedure is being performed. When paired with a discount network, they are one of the most cost effective plans you can buy. Plus, many of our indemnity plans come paired with a vision plan.

Indemnity dental plans are really very simple but seem to cause a lot of confusion among consumers. Because these plans can, in many instances, be the most consumer friendly, I want to take a few minutes and explain how they work.

How Indemnity Plans Work

An indemnity plan is based on a schedule of payments. Every thing you have done in a dentist office has a code associated with it. These are codes maintained by the American Dental Association (ADA). Every indemnity plan has a table of these codes and a dollar amount next to it. The dollar amount represents how much the plan will pay you or a dentist for each procedure.

For example, here are a few codes and their corresponding payouts from one of our indemnity dental plans.

Sample Reimbursements

ADA Code Description Reimbursement
0150 Comprehensive oral evaluation - new or established patient $57.00
0272 X-Ray - bitewings - two films $31.00
1110 Routine Prophylaxis - adult (once every six months) $67.00
2331 Resin filling - two surfaces, anterior $102.00
2750 Crown -porcelain fused to high noble metal* $306.00
3330 Root Canal - Molar* $313.00
4341 Periodontal scaling and root planning - per quadrant* $70.00
7140 Single tooth (extraction) $81.00

The left hand column shows the ADA Code. The right column shows you how much you or your dentist will be reimbursed for the procedure. A root canal will net you $313 with this plan. The network price might be $550. So, the procedure will end up costing you $237. That is a pretty good price for a root canal. Especially, when some dentists want to charge you $1,100 for it.

If your dentist will accept assignment, you can have the dentist paid directly and you pay the difference. Otherwise, the plan will pay you directly.

Bonus - Indemnity Plan Networks

Most indemnity plans also include a national PPO-like network. This means that in addition to getting the specified amount for each procedure, you can also get a discounted rate. This is just like a PPO plan. That is why we like these plans. You have total flexibility plus the option of staying in network for even more savings.

Bonus - Included Vision Insurance

Most of our indemnity plans include a Vision Insurance plan at no extra cost. In some instances it is a discount plan while others provide real vision insurance.

Which Plan Should I Use? Indemnity or PPO?

Our group dental plans are all PPO and I would stick with this type of plan if you are looking for group dental. However, for individual and family dental plans, the choice becomes more difficult. Let me give you some guidelines that I think will help.

  1. We currently have a PPO that has no wait for major work except crowns and dentures. So, if you need major work now or in the next 6 months, use our PPO plan.
  2. If you have a dentist that is either not in any of our PPO networks or does not accept insurance, use the Indemnity plan.
  3. If you just want a plan for routine cleanings and basic work (you rarely have dental problems), use either a lower cost PPO or a Discount plan.
  4. If you need a lot of work (more than $1,000), the indemnity plans have options to pay out more in a year than our private PPO plans.
  5. If you are in one of the states we offer an indemnity plan in, and you have a dentist who is part of the network, and you do not need any major work for 6 months, get an Indemnity plan.

Indemnity Plans Sound Interesting. Where Can I See Them?

We have all of our plans listed on our quote page. There are links that will take you to a page for each plan. Or just give us a call and we will narrow the choices down for you a bit.


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