HMO Dental Plans - DHMO

Dental HMO plans have no waiting periods and no limit on the amount of work that can be covered in a single year. However, they are only available in Florida, Texas and California.

If your dentist is part of the HMO network of providers or you are willing to change dentists, then this type of plan could be a perfect fit.


How Dental HMO Plans Work

Like most HMO style plans, you pick a primary dentist. You can change if you like, but you must notify the company if you do so. We use the SafeGuard Health Plans, Inc. a MetLife Company dental HMO

There is a copay of $5 for preventive care as well as other basic services. Something more extensive like a crown, might have a $245 copay. Which happens to be quite a bargain. The website has a complete chart of all of the covered procedures.

The copays are for a general dentist. If you need to see a specialist you are referred by your primary care dentist and will receive a 25% discount.

There are no plan limits like you might find with a PPO. As long as you are using a network dentist, you can have as much work as needed.

There are no age limits and seniors 65 and older can get this plan.

Unlike other plans, you do not have a deductible. You just pay the copays.

You can simply go to our Dedicated DHMO Site and see detailed information on this plan.

Is This Plan Right For Me?

You have to ask yourself some basic questions

  1. Are you willing to possibly change dentists? Remember you must use a dentist in the network.
  2. Do you need a lot of work? One of the main features of this plan is the fact that there are no limits and no waiting periods. But, if you just get a few cleanings each year and have relatively few problems, one of our other plans might work just as well for less money.
  3. If you do need a lot of work, does all of it require a specialist? The biggest savings occur when you use a general dentist. If you use a specialist you will get 25% off but the copays do not apply. So, if you want to have a specialist covered at the full discounted rates, you would need to use a PPO or an Indemnity plan with a network.

The bottom line is if you need cleanings, fillings, crowns and it can all be done by a dentist in the network, an HMO dental plan would work very well.

What Else Should I Know?

In addition to the aforementioned information, you might be interested in knowing:

  1. The couple rates can be for boyfriend and girlfriend or same sex couples living in the same household.
  2. You can combine this plan with an indemnity plan that will pay out as a secondary payer. That means you can have an indemnity plan that picks up most or all of the copays.
  3. Children can be on the plan until they are 25 years old.

How Do I Get More Information?

We have a site that will show you everything about the plan, allow you to look up providers and apply directly online. Just use Dental HMO More Information