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If possible, we hope you will spend some time on our site reading about the different plans. You can get detailed information on each plan, find out how much they cost and even apply directly online.

However, you should feel free to call us for a quote or ask questions about our plans. Or, you can use the contact form below.

You Can Call Us - 800-272-0512


1. The plans we sell will cover a preexisting dental condition. It does not matter unless the work was already started.

2. I do not have child-only dental plans. We need at least one adult on the plan with a child.

3. There are no age limits. We don't even care if you have teeth.

4. If you are employed and can convince your boss to let you pay for your own dental insurance but as part of a group, you are going to get better coverage for less money. Ask, the worst they can do is fire you.

Use this simple contact form to send me an email with your questions or quote requests. Be sure to include your email address.


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