About Us

We have been selling health and dental insurance online since 1998. Our sales partners include all of the household names you have come to recognize in dental and health insurance.

While other agencies have come and gone, we continue to be there year after year, ready to help you with any problems or to provide new quotes in the hope of keeping your premiums as low as possible.

Over the years journalist from leading publications have reached out to us when researching a story about the insurance industry. This same expertise is always available to you with just a phone call. You do not need to buy anything. We are happy to answer your questions about dental and health insurance as well as your Medicare questions.

You can learn a lot about dental insurance on our web pages. But, the jargon and the plan options are not always obvious. So, you should feel free to pick up the phone and call us for a quote or with your questions about coverage, which plan to buy, etc.

Our Toll Free Number - 800-272-0512

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